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GPASA aims at being supportive, educational and inspirational for Grandparents. Above all it will set the pace for manifesting the overwhelming desire that resides in us all….a better future and safer world for our Grandchildren

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26th Aug 2019

Greetings Grandparents

Wren's Post

Greetings Grandparents, You belong to one of the most special groups of people who populate the planet.  Whatever your colour, creed or circumstance you feel that wonderful feeling about your Grandchildren.   And as we experience and eve...

1st Jul 2019

National Grandparents Day

Wren's Post

National Grandparents Day is a holiday that originated in the U.S. in 1979 and is celebrated in other parts of the world as well. Grandparents Day was established to help children connect with their grandparents and also become aware of ...

16th Oct 2017

Grandparents are really cool…


Grandparents are cool in different ways and of course it depends on how old you are… I remember my GrandMa putting a little saliva on my ‘einas’ when I was five years old,  while it may not have healed anything, it certainly felt a ...

1st Oct 2017

Let’s Start the Celebration Today

Wren's Post

Sunday heralds the start of a week’s celebrations for GrandParent s in South Africa.  Haven’t seen much about it?  That is because unlike most other parts of the world that fete Grandies in every possible way, we seem to have been ...

29th Sep 2017

A week’s celebrations for Grandparents

Wren's Post

GrandParents Week takes place the first week in October and will include GrandParents Day. The GrandParents Association of South Africa (GPASA) week of celebrations incorporates Grandparents from all walks of society and the Association ...

17th Aug 2016

Life and Living

Health, Lifestyle

Grandparentology – the art of combining the three essentials of life. These are Health, Happiness and a motivation for living enthusiastically. In essence one could say: Physical, mental and spiritual.  These qualities are epitomised ...

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