A better world for our Grandchildren.


  • To unite Grandparents in a quest for a more peaceful, environmentally friend world for our Grandchildren
  • To develop and support the rights of Grandparents
  • To enhance relationships between Grandparents, parents and Grandchildren
  • To develop lifestyle, commercial and financial benefits for Grandparents
  • To provide access to a network of life advisors.

Grandparents – The Special Journey

‘Something magical happens when parents turn into Grandparents’.

It is a passage in life’s journey filled with a kaleidoscope of new emotions…and yes, discovery, no matter your age. It is also a space struggling to find relevance and support in our complex society.
Longer life expectancy around the world has increased Grandparenthood with some as young as 40.

Today Grandparents start younger and live longer in active and financially better environments.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of Grandparents taking over the role of parents in South Africa where census figures for 2012 show that 53% of over 3-million orphaned children have a Grandparent as their primary care-giver. The importance of the role that the extended family plays in African culture makes Grandparents the single most important category of caregivers besides the actual biological parents.

However there is no recognition of the role grandparents play in South Africa and unlike most other countries there are no special provisions for them, their rights or no financial support when called on to ‘take over’ parental duties.

Our Grandparent’s Association is all about enhancing that ‘Special Journey’ for those whose circumstances allow them to enjoy it to the full. Equally it will strive to improve life for the less well-off and poverty stricken.

GPASA aims at being supportive, educational and inspirational for Grandparents. Above all it will set the pace for manifesting the overwhelming desire that resides in us all….a better future and safer world for our Grandchildren

It will provide a rallying point for heightening the enjoyment of being a Grandparent; securing rights and benefits for all Grandparents and seek to find assistance for those who in their advanced years and straightened circumstances bear the load of caring for their Grandchildren.

You too can make a contribution. Perhaps you would like to offer your expertise in a field whether legal, health or business. Contribution to the website is also an option. Our focus will be on establishing a Grandparents Day as is done in many other countries. We will also launch the ‘Grandparents Adopting Grandparents’ scheme.
Most importantly, GPASA will strive to be inspirational for all Grandparents who are in a position to make the world a better place for those to follow.

Wren Mast-Ingle
Founder GPASA

• You will soon be able to enjoy communicating on the website blog live. Until then, send me an email and don’t forget to include a photo of yourself with your Grandchildren.

GPASA will have Several Distinct Functions:

  • Professional Specialist Guidance

    It will campaign on behalf of Grandparents and the Grandparents/Grandchildren role including offering professional guidance through a network of specialists.

  • A Better Deal for Members

    It will help facilitate a comprehensive bouquet of specifically designed and financially advantageous financial, health and travel opportunities for members.

  • Funding for the Disadvantaged

    The Grandparents Association will launch a campaign under the banner ‘Grandparents adopting Grandparents’ to assist those Grandchildren suffering because of straightened circumstances.

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