Grandparents Adopting Grandparents (GrandAdopt)

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The idea behind Grandparents Adopting Grandparents is to provide a level of comfort and assistance to those is less fortunate circumstances. The first step is to purchase membership for the Grands to be adopted. This will immediately allow them access to the full website with its supportive editorial, network of professionals offering free advice and exposure to the programmes and events that GPASA will incorporate into the process. This will include rights for Grandparents, Grandparents Day and Grandparents of the Year, among others.
A company can either encourage Grandparents in the company to join, or purchase membership for them. For each new member the company sponsors the membership of a Grandparent(s) in need. The Grandparents in the company then each choose and ‘adopt’ one of them and establish a level of support that they can afford in time, effort or financial contribution. The level of assistance will be determined by the sponsor who will be aware of their ‘adoptees’ circumstances.

GrandAdopt makes for an excellent social responsibility programme.

Companies and organisations will be approached to participate with a view to enhancing their social responsibility programmes. They will be asked to take out membership for Grandparents in the company and sponsor a similar number of ‘adoptees’ as part of the company’s commitment to upliftment of the population in general.

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