Grandparents are really cool…

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Grandparents are cool in different ways and of course it depends on how old you are…

I remember my GrandMa putting a little saliva on my ‘einas’ when I was five years old,  while it may not have healed anything, it certainly felt a lot better.  In approaching teen years this gave way to a sympathetic hug that took all the pain out of the world.

So now I am no longer a grand-toddler or even a grand-teen, I had a look at what made my GrandParents so cool…

Grandparents are cool – especially when it comes to fashion (or not).  Dressing as they feel – my Grand Pa sometimes digs up things from the back of his closet …and WOW he looks like a retrostar folk singer. It seems Grandparents have outgrown fashion trends and just dress as they feel at the moment or simply for fun. But hey, that’s what makes them … them.

They give you life-long precious memories

My adult kids have never forgotten the wonderful holidays spent with Gran and Grandad at their seaside home.  They recall the idyllic days with great emotion filled with happiness and sometimes tinged with sadness at times and people past.  I often wonder what my 5-year-old GrandSon will remember of the early mornings reading in bed, visiting the animal farm or playing around with musical instruments for fun.  He dances with Nana, plays ‘shop shop’ and has listened to cha cha cha in the car with her since he was a few months old.

Each GrandParent creates a special set of memories along with love, fun and affection. Which has such an influence on the child. One grandson who is now a father himself, on a recent visit – recalls the smell of the soap used at Granny’s home in his youth. ’Wow, you still use this soap Gran!’

Emotions are part of it

….And when it comes to emotions GrandParents are relaxed; not afraid to cry or laugh and share their emotions freely which is an invitation to do the same whether watching a funny movie and laughing outrageously or shedding a tear at something sad.  There is no better way of learning to let out one’s feelings….especially in the right direction. Seeing your grandparent laugh – or cry has an impact on children if Gran can do it so can I. A 19 year old remarked the other day – You two (grandparents) are such jokers!

They are learners as well as teachers

Their priceless experience accumulated over time comes through in every aspect of life.  Grandchildren soak it up.  It is a different situation from parents where young brains flexing are determined to be independent and know better. We don’t have to discipline as much as parents so children learn by example.  It is also amazing to see GrandParents tackling new things and enjoying them, behaving spontaneously and sometimes even childishly.  Somehow the saying ‘Never too old to learn’ is perfect for them. They love nothing more than to be asked about technology, that we do not understand – and help us, turning the tables and making them the clever ones!

Optimism is infectious

Having a rich personal history is proven to be a trait of a happy people. My GrandParents are always smiling.  They reminisce about hard times, how they persevered, or how they remained optimistic as a way of staying positive which is always shared with us and their loved ones.

Rules Don’t Apply To Them

Grandparents encourage you to follow the rules but are happy to sneak in a ‘treat’ or two that is generally a ‘no no’ at home. They understand making lemonade from lemons and tomato sauce from tomatoes.  And why not? There have to be some benefits to aging!

Grandparents recognize that a little bit of sugar or gluten isn’t the end of the world. Sure moderation is a virtue but they enjoy being the source of their grandchild’s special treats. They always look for opportunities (even tiny ones) to spread joy.

GrandParents are back to the future.

They lived the past but think about the future. Ask them anything about the past and they will tell you.  They will also take that past experience into the future with the hope of saving you time, trouble and hurt on your journey.

They listen and hear

Good conversation is a delicate balance of speaking and listening. They have mastered listening and know that a great communicator listens more than he or she speaks.

They are the glue in the family structure

  • Even when you aren’t together, the family tree projects that come home from school remind you that they are the roots. If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be here, after all.
  • They Are Generous With Their time and money
  • They remember what it was like parenting and they offer to hang out with their grandchildren so their children can recharge.
  • They Have a Passion
  • They use their time doing something valuable and making a difference.
  • They Know How to text
  • They Are On Facebook
  • They spend time enjoying nature. Some like to garden, others hike. Cool grandparents recognize that this is the best way to recharge.

We’re heartbroken when misfortune strikes them

From health problems to funerals, some of our saddest moments involved our amazing GrandParents because we hate to see hard things happen to them. For the ones who have passed away, we miss them tremendously and still love them so much.

They make us feel loved

There is no end to their love.  Whether they tease us or spoil us (or both), we can always count on feeling loved whenever we’re around our wonderful GrandParents. They care so much about us, and we love them back an awful lot.

They have some wonderful sayings such as – “If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren, I’d have had them first.”

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