Greetings Grandparents

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Greetings Grandparents,

You belong to one of the most special groups of people who populate the planet.  Whatever your colour, creed or circumstance you feel that wonderful feeling about your Grandchildren.   And as we experience and ever-increasing lifespan with more time to spend on what we enjoy most, the world occupied by Grandparents and their Grandchildren has become even more the focus of our attention

In many ways Grandparents are trusted with the future as influencers of the coming generations. They open young eyes to the joys of the world often accompanied with strands of the family heritage and traditions.  However often they are entering into a new world themselves from renegotiating relationships with parents to finding renewed energy and patience for babysitting as well as taking into consideration the complexities of society in the 21st Century.

In South Africa unfortunately there are a huge number of Grandparents who have had to become primary caregivers to their Grandchildren additionally having to cope with their education and other needs with minimal assistance – if any.

In part, the Grandparents Association of South Africa (GPASA) – presently being registered as a Not for Profit organisation – is aiming to enhance the lives of all Grandparents through its events and programmes.  We are asking society to celebrate Grandparents during Grandparents Day/Week and Grandparents of the Year events.  At the same time we are asking Government, business and donors to support our GrandAdopt programme for Grandparents in need.

Join GPASA (free) and take a tour of the website ( ) which will soon allow you as a Grandparent to make heavily discounted purchases whether as a local or international traveller, a general shopper or someone looking appropriate educational investments for the young ones.

If we are able to unite in our enthusiasm as Grandparents, we can deliver the most consequential outcome for our country by taking care of the next generation.  ‘There is more of the future in your hands than is realized’.

Wren Mast-Ingle


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